Desert World Allegiances by Lyn Gala

By Lyn Gala

Being condemned to slavery is a standard adequate incidence at the barren region planet of Livre, yet this time, priest Shan Polli is set to avoid the corrupt, soul-eating approach from destroying another existence. Temar Grazer used to be sentenced for what amounted to a felony prank-but Shan quickly reveals that the hazards expand some distance past Temar's crime. stuck among guilt and desire, Shan needs to locate his actual course in both the priesthood or in a guy whose power and survival defies the chances. Can the 2 males resolve a plot that threatens the full global prior to Temar is damaged through a approach of slavery that has twisted uncontrolled?

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For a moment, Bari followed the grain of the wood in the table with his finger. They grieve their father.? Their grief should not cost the community entire fields,? Naite quickly answered. Shan hesitated, not sure how to convince the older members of the council to show a little more forgiveness. Before he could organize his thoughts, Kevin Starwalker cleared his throat. Lilian tilted her head to the side and rested her cheek on her hands as she considered him. Kevin stood up, his eyes carefully avoiding all their gazes and his heavily calloused fingers playing with a small carving.

Thank you,? Temar managed to say. d fallen from the valley cliff wall, only to be caught by the safety rope at the last minute. t been crushed into a bloody mash left his body limp with relief. s how he felt now. s gaze. Should you need anything, you know you have the same right to come to the council that anyone else has, correct?? Temar frowned, not sure why Shan would imply that Ben Gratu would ever do anything that warranted coming to the council. However, he answered as politely as he could.

D be glad enough to get rid of the source of so many weeds. So, where do you have these notes?? My room.? Temar started reaching for the sled door, realizing a second too late that he needed permission before running off. He looked over at Ben. Go on, get them.? Ben waved him on, and Temar pulled the door open, the movement awkward with his hands tied. Hurrying through the house and trying hard not to look at all the possessions that would soon be stripped by whomever the council chose to give the land to, Temar reached his room.

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