Characterization for the Gcvrcy - Sobolcv Wave Front Set by Chen H.

By Chen H.

During this be aware, we use the so-called microlocal power approach to supply a characterization of the Gevrey-Sobolev wave entrance set W F(u) , that allows you to be worthy within the examine of non-linear microlocal research in Gevrey periods.

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Grinstein, studies. and C. V . Moore. Brit. J . H a e m a t . 5 : 1959. Haemoglobin synthesis in thalassaemia; in vitro 102-120. , and M . Adinolfi. 1 9 6 2 . Observations on the high foetal haemoglobin gene and its interaction with the thalassaemia gene. J . Clin. Path. 1 5 : 3 5 0 - 3 5 6 . Barnabas, J . , and C. J . fy{$ler, 1 9 6 2 . H a e m o g l o b i n - L e p o r e Beaven, G . , W . B . © t a t z e r , B . 1. ( H o l ] a n d i a ) . Nature ( L o n d . ) 1 8 4 : 9 3 1 . Stevens, E . M . Shooter, M .

This observation suggests that the /^-thalassemia gene in the Far East is usually of the nonhemoglobin A-producing variety. This important point needs verification, particularly since the detailed studies required to exclude the presence of small amounts of hemoglobin A have not always been reported. 2 Several other families have been described in which the ^-thalassemia gene was found in association with the gene for a /2-chain hemoglobin variant. , 1961). In all these families the presence or absence of hemoglobin A in doubly affected persons ran true within sib ships.

S o c . H a e m a t . , V i e n n a . Basel: S. K a r g e r , p. 3 0 2 . — , — , and — . 1 9 6 2 . H e m o g l o b i n 'Pylos': Study o f a hemoglobinopathy resembling thalassemia Blood 1 9 : 1 - 2 2 . in the heterozygous, homozygous and double heterozygous state. , C. P i k , and S. S r i n g a m . 1 9 6 5 . Haemoglobinopathies in T h a i l a n d . distribution of elevations of haemoglobin A 2 I I . Incidence and and haemoglobin F ; a survey of 2 7 9 0 people. Brit. J . H a e m a t . 1 1 : 2 2 7 - 2 3 6 .

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