AACN Essentials of Progressive Care Nursing (3rd Edition) by Suzanne Burns

By Suzanne Burns

Concise but thorough tips on the best way to appropriately and appropriately take care of grownup innovative care sufferers and their households

Endorsed through the yank organization of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) and written by means of best medical specialists in acute and revolutionary care nursing, this textbook covers the entire must-know information at the care of grownup revolutionary care sufferers and their households. Supported by means of beneficial tables and algorithms, the book's useful, building-block association starts off with the fundamentals earlier than continuing to extra complicated strategies.

The AACN necessities of revolutionary Care Nursing comprises crucial info to effectively organize for PCCN certification in revolutionary care and masses extra! The AACN necessities of revolutionary Care Nursing is split into 4 sections:

THE ESSENTIALS — offers details that clinicians needs to comprehend to supply secure, efficient nursing care to nearly all of innovative care sufferers, despite their underlying clinical diagnoses

PATHOLOGICAL CONDITIONS — covers pathologic stipulations and administration options quite often encountered between grownup, revolutionary care sufferers

ADVANCED strategies IN taking good care of THE revolutionary CARE PATIENT — provides complex innovative care ideas or pathologic stipulations which are much less universal or extra really good than anticipated in grownup revolutionary care

KEY REFERENCE INFORMATION — positive aspects common laboratory and diagnostic values; pharmacology tables; algorithms for complex cardiac lifestyles aid; and precis tables of cardiac rhythms, ECG features, and remedy guides

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Acetaminophen, Injection (Ofirmev) [Analgesic/Antipyretic] Uses: *Mild–mod pain, fever* Acts: Nonnarcotic analgesic; CNS synth of prostaglandins & hypothalamic heat-regulating center Dose: Adults & peds > 50 kg. 86] at [07/18/16]. Copyright © McGraw-Hill Global Education Holdings, LLC. Not to be redistributed or modified in an Acetaminophen, Injection 11/21/14 3:54 PM or 650 mg q4h IV; 4000 mg max/day. 5 mg/kg q4h, 75 mg/kg/day max. Peds ê 2–12 y. 5 mg/kg q4h IV, 75 mg/ kg/day max. Min. interval of 4 h Caution: [C, +] Excess dose can cause hepatic injury; caution w/ liver Dz, alcoholism, malnutrition, hypovolemia, CrCl < 30 g/ min CI: Hypersens to components, severe/active liver Dz Disp: IV 1000 mg (10 mg/mL) SE: N/V, HA, insomnia (adults); N/V, constipation, pruritus, agitation, atelectasis (peds) Interactions: Caution W/ CYP2E1 inhibitors & inducers (Table 10); dose ↑ 4000 mg/d may ↑ INR Labs: Monitor warfarin NIPE: Min dosing interval 4 h; infuse over 15 min.

Copyright © McGraw-Hill Global Education Holdings, LLC. 2 × control), ↓ plt (< 100,000 cells/mcL), recent trauma or major surgery (w/in 6 wk), CNS tumor, AVM, aneurysm, severe uncontrolled HTN, vasculitis, dextran use w/ PTCA, murine protein allergy, w/ other glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhib Disp: Inj 2 mg/mL SE: Back pain, ↓ BP, CP, allergic Rxns, bleeding Interactions: May ↑ risk of bleeding W/ anticoagulants, antiplts, NSAIDs, thrombolytics Labs: ↓ hgb, plt; monitor CBC, PT, PTT, INR, guaiac stools, urine for blood; ↑ WBC NIPE: Monitor for ↑ bleeding & bruising; N shake vial or mix w/ another drug, N contact sports.

Not to be redistributed or modified in an 36 11/21/14 3:56 PM Abacavir (Ziagen) [Antiretroviral/NRTI] WARNING: Allergy (fever, rash, fatigue, GI, resp) reported; D/C drug stat & do not rechallenge; lactic acidosis & hepatomegaly/steatosis reported Uses: *HIV Infxn* Action: NRTI Dose: Adults. 300 mg PO bid or 600 mg PO daily Peds. 8 mg/kg bid, 16–20 mg/kg (stable CD4, undetectable VRL) 300 mg bid max Caution: [C, −] CDC rec: HIVinfected mothers not breast-feed (transmission risk) Disp: Tabs 300 mg; soln 20 mg/mL CI: Mod-severe hepatic impair, hypersens SE: See Warning Interactions: EtOH ↓ drug elimination & ↑ drug exposure; many drug interactions; ↓ methadone levels Labs: ↑ LFTs, fat redistribution, N, V, HA, chills; monitor; ↑ GGT, glucose, triglycerides NIPE: N EtOH; monitor & teach pt about hypersensitivity Rxns; HLA-B*5701 at ↑ risk for fatal hypersensitivity Rxn, genetic screen before use; allergic Rxn usually appears w/in first 6 wk of Tx if pt is allergic; D/C drug stat if hypersensitivity Rxn occurs and N rechallenge; take w/ or w/o food Abatacept (Orencia) [Immunomodulator] Uses: *Mod/severe RA, JIA* Action: Selective costimulation modulator, ↓ T-cell activation Dose: Adults.

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