Descriptive English grammar by Homer C. House, Susan Emolyn Harman

By Homer C. House, Susan Emolyn Harman

This e-book presents the trainer and scholar with fabric for an entire direction in English grammar, protecting the fundamental ideas of English utilization. textual content is split into elements, grammatical shape and sentence research. Sentence diagramming illustrates the key and minor parts of every sentence, and offers a visible relief in objectifying the sentence devices.

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Which whose 0 which whichever, whichsoever Nom. Poss. Obj. what whatever, whatsoever what whatever, whatsoever whichever, whichsoever Masculine, Feminine, and Neuf,er Nom. that Poss. whose 6 Obj. that Whose is sometimes employed as the possessive of which and that to avoid an awkward construction with of which. 5 Pronouns 49 INTERROGATIVE PRONOUNS 41. An interrogative pronoun is one that introduces a question, either direct or indirect. The interrogative pronouns are who, which, and what. Who asks concerning persons: Who are the heroes?

Me SECOND PERSON Nom. Poss. Obj. : Nom. Poss. Obj. Singular thou thy, thine thee Plural ye, or you your, yours you 1 The alternative possessive forms mine, ours, yours, thine, hers, theirs are for the most part used separately from the noun. " In poetry, however, mine and thine are sometimes employed for euphony before a word beginning with a vowel sound even when attached directly to the noun: Mine eyes have seen the glory. Thine eyes are stars of morning. It is worthy of note that mine and thine arc the original forms from which my and thy are derived.

Mr. Brown's Obj. Mr. Brown Nom. Mrs. Williams Poss. Mrs. Williams's Obj. Mrs. Williams Nom. Poss. Obj. son-in-law son-in-law's son-in-law Plural Mr. Browns, or Messrs. Brown Mr. Browns' or Messrs. Brown's Mr. Browns, or Messrs. Brown Mrs. ,villiamses, or Mesdames Williams Mrs. Williamses', or Mesdames Williams' Mrs. ,villiamses, or l\tledames Williams sons-in-law sons-in-law's 30 sons-in-law The possessive's is sometimes omitted in words that end in s or words that end in sounds that cannot easily be pronounced with an additional s-sound, especially when the word following begins with an s or s-sound; as, for goodness' sake; for conscience' sake; Moses' secret; Jesus' suffering.

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