Creative Cards by Trice Boerens

By Trice Boerens

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The subtle but important point made in only a few of the more perceptive and knowledgeable German worksand with startling candor in several Soviet worksis that the great offensive of 22 June-16 July 1941 had achieved the necessary preconditions for a German victory over the Soviet Union. The important element, then, is not the delay in opening the campaign in June but the results achieved by July. At a higher level of consideration than the month of attack in 1941 is the year itself. Hitler showed a combination of prudence and exaggerated concern for economic matters and war production from 1939 to 1941.

Page_43 page_44 Page 44 German Operational Possibilities on the Baltic Front Army Group North employed the mobile forces in Panzer Group 4 under Generaloberst Erich Hoepner as the spearhead of the advance toward Leningrad. The most important obstacle it would have to master was the Dvina River, flowing westward from Vitebsk through Dvinsk and Jakobstadt to the Baltic at Riga, in Latvia. This huge obstacle was too far from the German border to be crossed in a one-day coup de main, as the Germans in Panzer Group 3 under Hoth had done at the Nieman River, farther south in Army Group Center.

14 The Bug River and its tributaries stood in the path of Panzer Group 2, the largest organized for the invasion, and farther north the Nieman River stood in the path of Panzer Group 3. These two panzer groups comprised the armored wedges (Keile) of Army Group Center and carried the hopes of the army for a quick victory in the Soviet Union. 14 One authority recently noted that German weaknesses in the production of important weapons and other equipment (notably motor vehicles) would probably also have delayed the start of the campaign beyond the directed ready-date of 15 May 1941.

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