Compendium of World History by Herman L. Hoeh

By Herman L. Hoeh

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It is the root of the word Sultan. These invaders came from the East. They must have passed to Egypt from Sinai. They made Egyptians slaves. Does the Bible speak of such a people who suddenly gained the dominance of this part of the world? Indeed, the Edomite Amalekites! As late as the days of King Saul the Egyptians were still partly subject to these people. In I Samuel 30:11-13 appears this account: "And they found an Egyptian in the field .... And David said unto him, To whom belongest thou?

Many of the names of its kings have been found, but no regnal dates for any individual kings can be determined. ) This dynasty concludes the 955 years from the beginning of the government of Menes or Cush at Babel, according to the Turin Canon. Its dates are therefore 1439-1299. It was preceded by 6 kingless years, extending from 1445-1439. This period corresponds with Joshua's conquest of Goshen to the Nile (Joshua 10:41 and 11:16). Sometimes these six kingless years are attached to Dynasty VI; on other occasions the period is attached to Dynasty VIII.

Under Dynasty XVIII of Thebes Ethiopia and Egypt were united. The queen of the south was therefore also queen of Egypt -- the Hashepsowe of history. Josephus preserves the name of the Queen of Sheba. He quotes from Herodotus and calls her "Nicaule" ("Antiquities", book VIII, chapter vi, part 2). Any philologist would immediately recognize in the name Nicaule (Nikaule in Greek) only a dialectic form of the Egyptian Maekaure, the "prenomen" of Hashepsowe. Perhaps the most striking proof that Hashepsowe visited Palestine may be found recorded in the temple at Deir el Bahari.

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