Lubbock Tornado: A Survey of Building Damage in an Urban by N. F. Somes, R. D. Dikkers, T. H. Boone

By N. F. Somes, R. D. Dikkers, T. H. Boone

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These hailstones damaged steel roofing panels on the hangar buildings and dented aluminum roofs and the roof seams on a nearby mobile home as shown in photograph 64. Hailstones also damaged light aircraft as shown in photograph 65. This hailstorm occurred approximately 1f2 hour before the tornado. hit downtown Lubbock. Photograph 64-Mobile home aluminum roof shows denting and spliting of seams caused by hailstone impact. (Location 34) Photograph 65-Hailstone damage to the wing of a light aircraft at the Town and Country Airport, five miles south of Lubbock.

Location 27) Photograph 50-Mobile home park at Quirt Road, looking east. S. Route 87. View looking north. (Location 28) Photograph 51-Typical damage to light aluminum skins of mobile homes at Quirt Road. (Location 30) Photograph 52-Several unanchored mobile homes overturned. S. Route 87. (Location 29) few naturat windbreaks. Aerial photograph 50 shows the general disruption to the site. Some homes suffered glass breakage and a stripping of their light-guage aluminum skins; note photograph 51. Others were overturned (photograph 52) and Mobile Home Park The mobile home park at location 30 is a very exposed site bordering arable land and having very 27 several of these were crushed under this action.

E. Ohnemus, Postmaster, City of Lubbock, Texas Texas Department of Public Safety Professor G. W. Reynolds, Meteorologist, Utah State University, Logan, Utah Dr. J. L. Goldman, Associate Director of Research, Institute for Storm Research, University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas Professor T. T. Fujita, Department of Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois Professor C. C. C. [1] Uniform Building Code, 1964 Edition, International Conference of Building Officials, Pasadena, California (1964).

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