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You’re done. Creating a text editor—a tutorial 4-27 4-28 Quick Start Chapter 5 Customizing the desktop Chapter5 This chapter explains some of the ways you can customize the tools in Delphi’s IDE. Organizing your work area The IDE provides many tools to support development, so you’ll want to reorganize your work area for maximum convenience, including rearranging your menus and toolbars, combining tool windows, and saving a new way your desktop looks. Arranging menus and toolbars In the main window, you can reorganize the menu, toolbars, and Component palette by clicking the grabber on the left-hand side of each one and dragging it to another location.

Double-click the action to create an empty event handler where you can specify what will happen when users execute the command. Text := FileName; Your event handler should look like this when you’re done: This line clears the text area when you create a new file. ” This line puts the file name into the status bar. Save your work and that’s it for the File|New command. Note You can resize the code portion of the window to reduce horizontal scrolling. Creating a text editor—a tutorial 4-17 Writing event handlers Creating an event handler for the Open command To open a file in the text editor, you want a standard Windows Open dialog box to appear.

Pas unit is added to the Code editor. • To copy ImageList1, right-click the component, and click Edit|Copy. On your form, right-click, and choose Edit|Paste. 3 Close the StandardActions window. 4-10 Quick Start Adding support for a menu and a toolbar 4 Double-click ImageList1 to display all the possible images you can use. The numbers underneath the images correspond to the image index property for each action. You can click the Add button to add images from another source. Following are the image index numbers that are used for each command: Note Command ImageIndex property Edit|Cut 0 Edit|Copy 1 Edit|Paste 2 File|New 6 File|Open 7 File|Save 8 File|SaveAs 30 File|Exit 43 Help|Contents 40 You can add images from an entirely different list.

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