Crocodile Stitch Afghans by Joyce Lewis

By Joyce Lewis

The afghans are crocheted in blocks, mile-a-minute and diagonal types. types and colours are integrated for ladies, males and youngsters. All five designs contain the ever-popular crocodile sew Afghans and throws for males, girls and child The afghans are crocheted in blocks, mile-a-minute and diagonal kinds

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Repeat second and third lines of stitches as required. Groups of three or four stitches may be worked instead of groups of two. USES a lacy f~llngfor med~umto large areas the densibofthes6tching may bevaried as NOTE marh plan fabric with a sedesof paralleilines required :itch Collection T h e S t i t c h Cc 3 Single buttonhole bar fig A Bring nee 3 at I,down at 2, up a tiny distance away at 3, and down at 4. Bring needle out again just below I t o begin buttonhole stitch fig B Work buttonhole stitch (page 61 1 from left t o right over the two long stitches made, without piercing the fabric, packing stitches firmly so bar lies flat.

Pull through. For next stitch. take needle down at 4 and up at 5. Repeat to right. Fasten down last loop w ~ t ha small stitch aiong iower iine. Sloping lower left to upper right: fig B Bring needle up at I,down at 2. and up at 3, with thread looped under needle. Pull through. For the next stitch, take needle down at 4 and up at 5. Repeat to the right. Fasten down the last loop by taking a small stitch aiong the lower line bring needle up at I down at 2, and up at 3 with thread under needle as above.

Work a half cross stitch slanting t o fit the outline. Then work a quarter cross stitch, bringing needle up at required corner and inserting i t at center, either under or over the half cross stitch, t o match top slope of other stitches (see photo). may be used for colotworh, pmbucing realistic images. , qr ":. 7 Upright . j 3,' u . v 3) I ,-d 'X - .................... -...... - ........................................ . .. -. -. ............ . . . . -. ................ First make a cross stitch bring needle up at I down at 2,up at 3.

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