Creating Cool MINDSTORMS NXT Robots by Daniele Benedettelli

By Daniele Benedettelli

Build and application MINDSTORM NXT robots with Daniele Benedettelli, one of many world’s most dear NXT robotic developers. He indicates you the way to construct and software them from scratch, beginning with the easiest robots and progressing in hassle to a complete of 7 award–winning robots! you could obtain all of the code, besides low–resolution video clips that express how your robotic works whilst it’s entire. You don’t must be a programmer to strengthen those cool robots simply because all of the code is supplied, yet complicated builders will get pleasure from seeing the secrets and techniques of Benedettelli’s code and strategies revealed.

What you’ll learn:
* tips on how to create award–winning robots from scratch to ultimate programming.
* find out how to construct every one robotic and which fabrics to use.
* Why sure gains have particular designs.
* how one can application your robot–all code is offered at no cost download.
* idea and tips and tips on robotics, a very precious source for academics and students.

Who this e-book is for:
Anyone drawn to development robots or seeing the way it is completed. Programmers drawn to studying how robots are programmed.

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Extra info for Creating Cool MINDSTORMS NXT Robots

Example text

When events cause state changes, our particular FSM is called event-driven. The actions the machine performs in its different states determine its visible behavior. Therefore, the most expressive way to represent FSMs is the state diagram, as shown in Figure 3-1. 47 48 CHAPTER 3 ■ FINITE STATE MACHINES Figure 3-1. A general FSM diagram The circles (nodes) with a name inside represent the states (Si, Sj, and Sk in Figure 3-1). The oriented arcs going from one state to another represent the transitions between these states.

See the code for the main task of the saturating counter program in Listing 3-1. Listing 3-1. The Main Task of the FSM Example task main() { short state = STATE_0; //entry state short event; while(true) { switch(state) { case STATE_0: ClearScreen(); //wait for events event = WaitEvent(); if (event == TOUCH) state = STATE_1; if (event == TIMER_ELAPSE) state = STATE_0; ResetTimer(); break; case STATE_1: ClearScreen(); Meter(1); event = WaitEvent(); if (event == TOUCH) state = STATE_2; if (event == TIMER_ELAPSE) state = STATE_0; ResetTimer(); break; case STATE_2: ClearScreen(); Meter(2); event = WaitEvent(); if (event == TOUCH) state = STATE_3; if (event == TIMER_ELAPSE) state = STATE_1; ResetTimer(); CHAPTER 3 ■ FINITE STATE MACHINES break; case STATE_3: ClearScreen(); Meter(3); event = WaitEvent(); if (event == TOUCH) state = STATE_4; if (event == TIMER_ELAPSE) state = STATE_2; ResetTimer(); break; case STATE_4: ClearScreen(); Meter(4); event = WaitEvent(); if (event == TOUCH) state = STATE_5; if (event == TIMER_ELAPSE) state = STATE_3; ResetTimer(); break; case STATE_5: ClearScreen(); Meter(5); event = WaitEvent(); if (event == TOUCH) state = STATE_5; if (event == TIMER_ELAPSE) state = STATE_4; ResetTimer(); break; } Wait(100); } } ■Note The constants STATE_0, STATE_1, and so on that you find in the program are just aliases defined at the top of the program using the preprocessor directive #define STATE_0 0.

When an obstacle is seen, the program flow breaks out the while loop, and the Off statement is executed, stopping the motor. ■Note Remember, the while ( condition ); waits for the condition to become false. The until ( condition ); waits for the condition to become true. condition), where ! is the unary logic negation operator NOT. Remember that every line of code must end with a semicolon (;). The central chunk of code simply plays a file; here, I chose a self-made audio file that I recorded, compressed, and converted to the NXT standard format: RSO.

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