Cost-effective Electronic Construction by John Watson

By John Watson

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Generator. Th is d irect voltage is applied to 02 through the 1 k n resistor, thereby reverse -biasing 02. Thus, at the beginning of the next mains half cycle the thyristor gate current does not flow . In fact, it does not flow until the reference voltage at the anode of 02 exceeds the voltage generated by the coasting drill. This may occur at any point in the mains half-cycle, according to the voltage developed by the drill. Fortunately, this voltage is related in a fairly linear manner to the speed of the drill's rotation .

C. The power supply is two PP9 batteries, which will last 20 h or more in normal use. 1. The two back-to-beck capacitors, together with L 1, constitute a tuned filter which provides a fair amount of attenuation at around 1 kHz. The 50 n variable resistor across the filter is used to increase or decrease the effect. Since cheap speakers are mainly lacking in bass (small cabinets plus lowquality drivers) and treble (no separate tweeter) the result is a much better sound, with greater 'depth'. A tiny fract ion of the channel 1 output is tapped off to drive the LM380.

Photographs such as this provide convincing proof of the t iming of movement, and could be developed to illustrate various other objects in motion. 7 A photograph taken using multiple strobe flash technique exploited commercially to produce a reliable and efficient general purpose synchronising unit for movie projectors and cameras. The problem was to be able to use a silent movie camera with a standard tape recorder to record the sound, and then subsequently copy the sound on a magnetic stripe projector, with accuracy good enough for speech - what the movie people call 'lip-sync'.

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