Coming Out As Sacrament by Chris Glaser

By Chris Glaser

Homosexual Christian writer and activist Chris Glaser proposes that coming out--as homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered--has biblical priority and sacramental dimensions.

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Abraham thought God wanted him to sacrifice his long-awaited firstborn son, Isaac (Genesis 22:1-19). So he took Isaac to a mount, later associated with the place where the temple at Jerusalem was built (2 Chronicles 3:1), ready to sacrifice him as a burnt offering. But as Abraham prepared to spill Isaac's blood, an angel of God told him not to do it, essentially saying, in the words once used at the conclusion of the civil emergency alert checks on the radio, "This has been a test. " And a ram is provided as a substitute.

God has regard for both Abel's gift of homosexual lovemaking and Cain's gift of heterosexual lovemaking. Cain becomes angry, and God warns him that "sin is lurking" at his door like a predator. Cain murders Abel, whose blood cries to God from the ground, and Yahweh confronts Cain, exiling him "to the land of Nod," which means "Wandering," where he and his descendants build Traditional Family Values Village, which outlaws gay rights. Then Eve bears another gay son, Seth, to take the place of Abel.

Dear nonviolent reader: Do not abandon me here. ) Cain's apparent sense of competition with his brother Abel reinforces Girard's concept of mimetic rivalry. " But that is not enough for Cain. " A mimetic crisis occurs when differentiation disappears, when the pecking order is no longer in place or respected. Girard offers the Plague of medieval Europe as an example of this: no matter what one's rank, both prince and pauper could be afflicted by disease. European society thereupon scapegoated the Jews, claiming they were poisoning the drinking water.

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