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Collage Algebra With functions For company And The lifestyles Sciences Instructor's Annotated variation (Hardcover)

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B. 1415926 . . 142 Round up because 5 ϭ 5. 7777777 . . 778 Round up because 7 > 5. Number c. CONCEPT CHECK 1. Write an algebraic expression that contains a variable term, a constant term, and a coefficient. Identify the parts of your expression. 2. Is ͧa ؊ bͨ 1 c ‫ ؍‬a ؊ ͧb 1 cͨ when a, b, and c are nonzero real numbers? Explain. 3. Is the expression ؊x always negative? Explain. 4. Explain how to divide a/b by c/d when b, c, and d are nonzero real numbers. 2 The following warm-up exercises involve skills that were covered in earlier sections.

5% for 15 years. Determine the balance in the account when the interest is compounded (a) daily ͑n ϭ 365͒, (b) weekly, (c) monthly, and (d) quarterly. How is the balance affected by the type of compounding? 5 4 /0 20 04 /0 3 2,000 03 In Exercises 67–70, use a calculator to evaluate each expression. Write your answer in scientific notation. 5 ϫ 10Ϫ2 2 (b) /0 10Ϫ2͒͑3 ϫ 107͒ 6,000 02 5 20 ϫ 10 ͒͑5 ϫ 10 ͒ 8,027 8,000 1 66. 8 ϫ 10,000 /0 65. 0 ϫ 10Ϫ3 Ϫ3 7 11,441 12,000 01 In Exercises 65 and 66, evaluate each expression without using a calculator.

Com for worked-out solutions to odd-numbered exercises. In Exercises 1–20, evaluate the expression. Write fractional answers in simplest form. 1. 22 и 24 ͑14 ͒͑5͒͑4͒ 11͑14 ͒ ϩ 54 Ϫ2 52. ΂5y ΃ 54. ΂2zy ΃ Ϫ3 4 Ϫ3 2 Ϫ2 In Exercises 55–60, write the number in scientific notation. x ϭ Ϫ7 55. Land Area of Earth: 57,300,000 square miles In Exercises 25–44, simplify the expression. 56. Water Area of Earth: 139,500,000 square miles 25. ͑Ϫ5z͒ 26. ͑Ϫ2w͒ 57. Light Year: 9,460,000,000,000 kilometers 27. ͑8x4͒͑2x3͒ 28.

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