Children of the Dusk (Madagascar Manifesto, Book 3) by Janet Berliner, George Guthridge

By Janet Berliner, George Guthridge

Winner of the Horror Writer's organization Bram Stoker Award for top Novel

Concluding the saga of Solomon, Erich, and Miriam, nightfall starts off as they land on Nosy Mangabé, a small island off the coast of Madagascar, in the middle of essentially the most dense rainforests in the world. besides their mysterious Malagasy advisor Bruqah, one hundred forty four Jews, forty seriously armed Nazis, and Erich's crack dogs unit, the 3 struggle to discover a spot during this unusual new global, whereas additionally scuffling with to stick alive.

Upon analyzing nightfall, the world over best-selling writer Larry Bond acknowledged, "What a narrative! Švivid, nearly magical, set in an alien position with specific characters launched into both alien and divergent ambitions. i feel it's a true winner." Peter S. Beagle concurred, pointing out, "Rounded off so wonderfully in young ones of the nightfall, the Manifesto should still now take its position one of the only a few works of our time that actually deserve the name epic."

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