Calderon-Zygmund Capacities and Operators on Nonhomogeneous by Alexander Volberg

By Alexander Volberg

Singular fundamental operators play a crucial function in glossy harmonic research. easiest examples of singular kernels are given by way of Calderon-Zygmund kernels. Many very important homes of singular integrals were completely studied for Calderon-Zygmund operators. within the 1980's and early 1990's, Coifman, Weiss, and Christ spotted that the speculation of Calderon-Zygmund operators might be generalized from Euclidean areas to areas of homogeneous variety. the aim of this publication is to make the reader think that homogeneity (previously regarded as a cornerstone of the idea) isn't wanted. This declare is illustrated via providing harmonic research difficulties well-known for his or her trouble. the 1st challenge treats semiadditivity of analytic and Lipschitz harmonic capacities. the amount offers the 1st self-contained and unified evidence of the semiadditivity of those capacities. The e-book info Tolsa's resolution of Painleve's and Vitushkin's difficulties and explains why those are difficulties of the idea of Calderon-Zygmund operators on nonhomogeneous areas. The exposition isn't really dimension-specific, which permits the writer to regard Lipschitz harmonic skill and analytic means whilst. the second one challenge thought of within the quantity is a two-weight estimate for the Hilbert rework. This challenge lately came across very important functions in operator concept, the place it's in detail concerning spectral idea of small perturbations of unitary operators. The e-book provides a method that may be worthwhile in overcoming really undesirable degeneracies (i.e., exponential progress or decay) of underlying degree (volume) at the house the place the singular quintessential operator is taken into account. those occasions ensue, for instance, in boundary price difficulties for elliptic PDE's in domain names with super singular obstacles. one other instance includes harmonic research at the limitations of pseudoconvex domain names that is going past the scope of Carnot-Caratheodory areas. The publication is acceptable for graduate scholars and examine mathematicians attracted to harmonic research.

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