Calcium signalling and disease : molecular pathology of by Ernesto Carafoli, Marisa Brini

By Ernesto Carafoli, Marisa Brini

Authors spotlight a number of promising discoveries within the box of calcium signaling that offer new information regarding either genetic and purchased pathologies. Their discussions provides you with new insights into the underlying explanations of congenital and purchased ailments and aspect how you can new, much more promising study and therapies.

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1998), (Wang, 2000). A number of pathological conditions have been associated with disturbances of the calpain system, among them: cataractogenesis, inflammation, arthritis, Alzheimer’s 29 E. Carafoli and M. ), Calcium Signalling and Disease, 29–53. © 2007 Springer. , 1993) and Parkinson’s diseases (Vanderklish and Bahr, 2000). The list could continue to include organ ischemia, stroke, brain trauma, various platelet syndromes, hypertension, liver dysfunction, and some types of cancer: Table 1 offers a panorama of the diseases that have most frequently been linked to calpains.

Glycation of annexin II as a putative mechanism for impaired fibrinolysis in diabetic patients. Med. Hypotheses 59, 247–251. , and J. Chacko, 1994, An endothelial cell receptor for plasminogen/tissue plasminogen activator. I. Identity with annexin II. J Biol Chem. 269(33):21191–7. , 1993, Homocysteine-induced modulation of tissue plasminogen activator binding to its endothelial cell membrane receptor. J. Clin. Invest 91, 2873–2879. , and S. Krishnan, 1999, Annexin II: a mediator of the plasmin/plasminogen activator system.

All the identified mutations fell inside gene CPN3, encoding calpain-3 (Sorimachi et al 1989). , 1996).

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