Butcher Bird: A Novel Of The Dominion by Richard Kadrey

By Richard Kadrey

Spyder Lee is a contented guy who lives in San Francisco and owns a tattoo store. One evening an indignant demon attempts to chunk his head off ahead of he's kept through a stranger. The demon contaminated Spyder with anything lousy - the reality. He can without warning see the area because it particularly is: jam-packed with angels and demons and monsters and monster-hunters. a global jam-packed with black magic and mysteries. those are the Dominions, parallel worlds choked with ask yourself, attractiveness and horror. The Black Clerks, infinitely previous and infinitely robust beings whose activity it's to maintain the Dominions in stability, appear to have new pursuits and a complete new schedule. Dropped into the center of a clash among the Black Clerks and different forces he doesn't absolutely comprehend, Spyder unearths himself searching for a magic e-book with the blind swordswoman who kept him. Their trip will take them from deserts to lush palaces, to underground caverns, to the guts of Hell itself.

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Maybe they'll carve that on your tombstone? " A stoned couple stumbled by and Bilal delicately plucked the cigarette from the mouth of a cadaverous, lavender-lipped boy. The demon sniffed the cigarette once and dropped it into his chest-mouth. "Though I was really hoping you could justify your existence. Like maybe you were some minor deity on pilgrimage. " Bilal blew out a long puff of smoke out through his regular mouth. " asked Spyder. "I don't know. " Spyder looked in the mirror behind the bar, taking in the crowd.

But you've never seen me," Bilal said to Spyder. " All of the demon's mouths smiled. "I've been around and I can tell the ones who are going to make it once they get the Sight and you're not one of them. You'll be dead by Christmas. A bullet. Maybe you'll cut your wrists. " "I'm going to kill myself just because I see uglies like you? " "No, you're going to kill yourself because you can't stand the real world. Reality is a two-ton weight strapped to your balls. " "I've seen it a hundred times. You're changed and there's no going back.

As the man walked away, Spyder saw something attached to his back. It was sort of apelike, but its head was soft, like a slug's. It had its teeth sunk into the man's neck and was clinging onto his back by its twisted childlike limbs. Spyder wanted to call out to the man, but his throat was locked tight in fear and disgust. The parasite's head throbbed as it slurped something from the businessman's spine. Spyder took a step back and his shoulder touched a rough wooden pole planted in the ground through a section of shattered pavement.

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