Blind Panic by Graham Masterton

By Graham Masterton

Misquamacus is again . . . - The President of the U.S. is by surprise struck blind. hundreds of thousands extra humans mysteriously lose their sight, and the US descends into chaos. Self-styled mystic Harry Erskine is telling fortunes in Miami while his buddy Amelia Crusoe calls on him for support. Algonquin drugs guy Misquamacus has get back to existence to hunt a last revenge for the bloodbath of his humans. yet, this time, the percentages of thrashing Misquamacus are suicidal certainly .

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The Frogman on the far right of the group was a huge figure, well over seven feet. He tottered on high heels that made him seem monstrously camp. His laboured breathing, slow and steady through the air-tube of his heavy rubber gas mask, or discipline helmet, carried over the heads of the crowd. A ponderous latex suit swathed his body. Beneath his suit very loose thin rubber bloomers hung. His balls were tightly strapped around the base of his scrotum. That sexual tension, Horror knew, would make him a more exacting biexcreterminator.

The musculature of the man's head fell, and slopped, light as a sherry trifle. Horror snapped his mouth open-and-shut in broad crushing strokes. In his cheeks, blood and bone meshed in a stew, and he chewed solidly on the head. Intermittently, he shook it, as a dog shakes a bone. As he ate, the giant Frogman's body jerked in a solo masturbatory dance against his body. Horror spoke through a swell of blood, 'Trying to fuck me, Sonny Jim? I thought you had your 'union card' in fornication; that you were a finished swordsman.

The sight of them was like seeing old friends. The Filipino fighting knife-the balisong-protruded from the waders. The urban skinner, a push dagger held like a corkscrew for a twist death, was THE FROGMEN 43 fixed to the waistbands. Horror's teeth gleamed in the neon as he watched the bobbing chiselled armour-piercing black head of the tanto sneak from the sleeve of a Frogman's macintosh. The fixed single-edged stainless steel blade was designed to slash and drive. Held correctly, with the blade running along the forearm, it was almost impossible to block.

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