Birds of North America (A Guide To Field Identification) by Chandler S. Robbins, Bertel Bruun

By Chandler S. Robbins, Bertel Bruun

This e-book is healthier considered on a colour device.

Spot the silhouette of a Northern Goshawk in flight. determine the raucous name of the Red-winged Blackbird. notice the key of choosing a Chipping Sparrow from its look-alike cousins. It's basic with this vintage box consultant, Birds of North the US, a valuable favourite between novice chook enthusiasts and exacting execs. famous because the authority on poultry identity, this helpful source provides:

-All of North the US in a single volume
-Over 800 species and six hundred diversity maps
-Arthur Singer's recognized illustrations that includes male, woman, and juvenile plumage
-Sonograms that photograph sound for simple track recognition
-Migration routes, feeding behavior, and attribute flight patterns
-American ornithologists' classifications
-Convenient money bins to checklist birds you may have pointed out
-Color tabs for fast references

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