Beyond enlightenment by Osho

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Just go slowly... part by part... and trust. Total change will also happen, but don't ask too much from the very beginning. Always be alert that mind is cunning and gives you impossible goals, so you go on running after them. Nothing is impossible if you go slowly, if you make many stopovers and you are not in a hurry. Whether the total change happens or not is not important. Even small changes in life are precious, because the total change will be simply the accumulated effect of all the small changes.

He said, "Friendship is one thing, but this secret I cannot tell. " He said, "Yes, and go into a small boat in the middle of the river and jump with all your money and be drowned -- so you have taken it. Try! Nobody has tried. If you don't succeed there is no harm, because everybody goes without it. If you succeed, then you will be the pioneer, the first one who reaches paradise with his whole bag of money. " He said, "Naturally, and you have to be in good health. When you are dying, then it will be very difficult to carry that heavy load.

So just be thankful to your hard woman; perhaps you are here because of her. " I am reminded of two stories. " The wife said, "Once more? " He said, "Beloved, it seems you are losing your memory. Just fifty years ago when we got married and we had come here for the first time, we had bhelpuri. '" Going back to your life, to your wife, to your work... but you will not be the same man. You will be taking something of me with you. I may not have answered you, but you have felt me. Answers and questions are superficial.

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