Between Betrothal and Bedding by Mia Korpiola

By Mia Korpiola

Swedish medieval marriage formation used to be a technique, written down within the secular legislation. even though, it began to evolve as a result interplay with the medieval Catholic marriage doctrine, which serious about mutual phrases of consent. even though first the canon legislation of marriage, after which Lutheran marriage dogma inspired the Swedish improvement, the belief of marriage as a approach, along with numerous felony acts and followed by means of estate transfers, proved remarkably resilient. The pragmatic and rural personality of Sweden contributed to this, regardless of strain from canon and Roman legislations and makes an attempt at bringing marriage formation less than ecclesiastical keep watch over. Marrying through phases was once in itself unremarkable in Europe, however the criminal starting place and ritual make medieval and sixteenth-century Sweden a different case research.

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G. MESL, Ä 1–2, 56; SL 1387, Ä 1–2, 24. In towns the widow was entitled to half of the communal property, in contrast to the third allotted in the countryside, MESL, G 9 and 12, 42–44; SL 1387, G 9 and 12, 19–20. 53 Olaus Petri, “Kommentar till Stadslagen,” G 2, 322. 32 chapter one of the household, including servants and apprentices. 54 Kin-control was probably less pronounced for orphans, especially if proverty or lack of land had forced the girls to migrate, for example, to town and take service.

G. ” I talk throughout this book of ‘learned law’ as an opposite to the Swedish notion of law as mainly administered by laymen without a university education. Cf. ” 42 Pennington, “Learned Law,” 209. 43 See Brundage, “Universities,” 250–253. 44 Ingesman, “A Canon Law Culture,” 66–72, 76–77. g. ” introduction 17 and expansion of the royal judicial machinery in the course of the early seventeenth century, there was a demand for university-trained lawyers. Given the sixteenth-century reception of Roman law in Germany, it is hardly surprising that Swedes studying there also demonstrated a growing interest in Roman law.

62 the process 35 tions themselves. The preliminary negotiations between Josef Persson (Djula-ätten) (d. 1528), bailiff of the Castle of Turku, and the widow Estredh, for example, were handled by the parties themselves. 70 Practical considerations prompted widows to marry almost as eagerly as widowers. For peasant widowers, remaining unmarried could be burdensome if there were small children to look after and women’s work in the household to be done. Occasionally, it was claimed that remarriage was necessary because poverty precluded the man from hiring a maid to do the work: one did not have to pay wages to a wife.

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