Barack Obama's Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model by David Horowitz

By David Horowitz

Very important information regarding how the novel left operates. The Alinsky version pamphlet offers an research of the Saul Alinsky strategy for advancing radical agendas, additionally his technique of deception that he devised to advertise social swap

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It was a strategy that the New Left despised even as Alinsky and his followers practiced it. Alinsky and his followers infiltrated the War on Poverty, made alliances with the Kennedys and the Democratic Party, and secured funds from the federal government. Like termites, they set about to eat away at the foundations of the building in expectation that one day they could cause it to collapse. Alinsky’s advice can be summed up in the following way. Even though you are at war with the system, don’t confront it as an opposing army; join it and undermine it as a fifth column from within.

10-11 w to re ev sh en no 33 en al to to ld ey l, es nd g. ng se . ”33 In contrast to liberals, who in Alinsky’s eyes are constantly tripping over their principles, the rule for radicals is that the ends justify the means. This was true for the Jacobins, for the Communists, for the fascists and now for the post-Communist left. This is not because radicals begin by being unethical people. On the contrary, their passion for a future that is ethically perfect is what drives their political agendas and causes many to mistake them for idealists.

Not every wish can be satisfied. By contrast, Alinsky radicals have an unwavering end, which is to attack the so-called Haves until they are finally defeated. In other words, to undermine the system that allows them to earn and 27 Rules for Radicals, p. 3 32 possess more than others. ” The unwavering end of such radicals is a communism of results. For tactical reasons radicals will make many compromises along the way; but their unfailing purpose - the vision that guides them - is to conduct a war against the system that in their view that makes social injustice possible.

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