Bagues en cristal: Dentelles de perles by Marie Le Sueur

By Marie Le Sueur

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This rfile is meant for builders drawn to utilizing OracleJSP to create internet functions in line with JavaServer Pages expertise. It assumes that operating net and servlet environments exist already, and that readers are already acquainted with the following:■ basic net technology■ basic servlet know-how (some technical historical past is supplied in Appendix B)■ the way to configure their internet server and servlet environments .

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Command line arguments for applications Some applications need to have information passed to them at run-time. These are called command line arguments. For example if you have a sort application you may have to specify the name of the file to be sorted and the name of the output file containing the sorted information. In Java programs there is only one parameter passed to the application: • args: an array of strings containing the arguments. The number of arguments can be found from using the length( ) method of the array.

The two expressions below have the same effect, but the first one is much clearer: if age >= 18 voter( ); if J(age < 18) voter ( ); When a sequence of mathematical operations is carried out, the order in which this is done can be very important, for example: c =9 + 6/3; 53 Branching and Looping If the addition is carried out first the expression becomes 15/3 = 5. If the division is done first, it becomes 9+2 = 11. In this case the division would be done first, since the division operator has a higher precedence than the addition operator.

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