At Europe's Borders: Medieval Towns in the Romanian by Laurenţiu Rădvan

By Laurenţiu Rădvan

A painstaking check out every thing that has to do with medieval cities within the lesser-known Romanian Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia. a brand new and engaging standpoint at the background of the city global in crucial and South-Eastern Europe.

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38 After the Second World War, Marxist interpretations were introduced to the debate under the new political circumstances of the Soviet occupation and the dawn of a political regime approved and controlled by the Soviet Union. As a consequence, Romanian historians were expected to draw their inspiration from Soviet historians, whose fundamental thesis was that the Middle Ages were an age fraught with feudal dissolution and intense class struggle. The idea that medieval towns had a foreign origin was apparently unacceptable to the evergrowing nationalist bias of the Romanian Communists.

33 Gh. I. Brătianu, Recherches sur Vicina et Cetatea Albă (Bucharest, 1935), p. 123; see also Gh. I. Brătianu, Marea Neagră de la origini până la cucerirea otomană, ed. Victor Spinei (Ia i, 1999), pp. 73–75. 34 I. Hurdube≥iu, Din trecutul catolicilor la Câmpulung Muscel (Câmpulung, 1941), pp. 1–7. 35 Panaitescu, “Comunele medievale,” pp. 141–149. 36 Emil Vîrtosu, “Din sigilografia Moldovei i ˘ării Române ti,” in DIR, Introducere, vol. II, pp. 437–501. introduction 19 1300 mentions a certain comes Laurentius de Longo Campo, a character that caused much controversy, especially when it came to his social and political status.

Borgo, Sp. burgo, Fr. bourg, faubourg; the inhabitants in a burgus were: burgensis, Bürger, purgari, etc. The eastern area of Europe preferred the Old Slavonic gord and the Hungarian vár. The former displayed some local variations: Rus. gorod, Pol. gród, South-Slavonic grad and Cz. hrad. As város, initially meaning “suburbs,” the latter was adopted by the Southern Slavs, the Albanians, entered Modern Greek 22 Călători străini despre ≥ările române, vol. I–V (Bucharest, 1968–1973). Marco Bandini, Codex.

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