Archaeology and the Bible by John Laughlin

By John Laughlin

Archaeology and the Bible examines new advancements in archaeological reveals within the close to East, quite Palestine, which are concerning the Bible. more recent box methodologies, nearby surveys and inventive syntheses have all had an effect on conventional techniques to those discoveries. John C. H. Laughlin examines those new advancements and discusses what they indicate for religious study.

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While many Chalcolithic sites are known, this period is still something of a mystery both in terms of its beginning and ending. 2). They stretch from the Golan in the north to the Negev in the south; the coastal plain in the west, and the Transjordan in the east. Three of the most important permanent sites are Shiqmim (Levy 1995a) and Gilat in the Beersheba region and Teleilat Ghassul in the Transjordan. These sites have yielded most of what is known of this period. One of the truly surprising achievements of this culture is in craft specialization.

Small personal ornaments including rings, bracelets and earrings have also been found. Conclusions The archaeological material remains from the EB IV period clearly reveal a wide range of adaptation and economic subsistence for this period. Grinding stone and flint tools, along with floral remains of barley, wheat and other crops, point to grain cultivation as a major source of the economy. On the other hand, bone remains of sheep, cattle, pigs and goats all point to animal husbandry. However, not all varieties of animal are found in the same regions.

Once this has been established by careful probing, the use of modern earth-moving equipment can save countless and boring hours of having to remove this material by hand. But this is only an exception that proves the rule. Most excavating must be done by hand. Subtle changes in soil composition, superimposed floor levels, foundation trenches for walls, countless small objects and many other data would be completely destroyed and lost using only mechanical equipment. The common sense of the excavator and the particularities and research objectives of each unique excavation should play a decisive role here.

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