Annales Henri Poincaré - Volume 7 by Vincent Rivasseau (Chief Editor)

By Vincent Rivasseau (Chief Editor)

Articles during this volume:

On the T3-Gowdy Symmetric Einstein-Maxwell Equations
Hans Ringström

Partially Classical restrict of the Nelson Model
Jean Ginibre, Fabio Nironi and Giorgio Velo

The Douglas-Kroll-Heß process: Convergence and Block-Diagonalization of Dirac Operators
Heinz Siedentop and Edgardo Stockmeyer

From Repeated to non-stop Quantum Interactions
Stéphane Attal and Yan Pautrat

Time hold up and Short-Range Scattering in Quantum Waveguides
Rafael Tiedra de Aldecoa

A Characterization of version Multi-colour Sets
Jeong-Yup Lee and Robert V. Moody

The Spectrum of Schrödinger Operators with Poisson sort Random Potential
Kazunori Ando, Akira Iwatsuka, Masahiro Kaminaga and Fumihiko Nakano

Relaxation Time of Quantized Toral Maps
Albert Fannjiang, Stéphane Nonnenmacher and Lech Wołowski

An life facts for the Gravitating BPS Monopole
Todd A. Oliynyk

On a attribute preliminary price challenge in Plasma Physics
Simone Calogero

Quantum Backreaction (Casimir) influence II. Scalar and Electromagnetic Fields
Andrzej Herdegen

Scattering of Magnetic side States
Christoph Buchendorfer and Gian Michele Graf

Energetic and Dynamic houses of a Quantum Particle in a Spatially Random Magnetic box with consistent Correlations alongside one Direction
Hajo Leschke, Simone Warzel and Alexandra Weichlein

Solution of a Mountain move challenge for the Isomerization of a Molecule with One unfastened Atom
Mathieu Lewin

High power Asymptotics and hint formulation for the Perturbed Harmonic Oscillator
Alexander Pushnitski and Ian Sorrell

Quantum Incompressibility and Razumov Stroganov kind Conjectures
Vincent Pasquier

Algebraic Topology for minimum Cantor Sets
Jean-Marc Gambaudo and Marco Martens

Quantum detailed Ergodicity for Maps at the Torus
Lior Rosenzweig

Interface Instability less than pressured Displacements
Anna De Masi, Nicolas Dirr and Errico Presutti

Spectral Shift functionality within the huge Coupling consistent Limit
Mouez Dimassi

Resolvent Estimates for the Laplacian on Asymptotically Hyperbolic Manifolds
Jean-Marc Bouclet

Distributional Borel Summability of Perturbation idea for the Quantum Hénon-Heiles Model
Emanuela Caliceti

A normal Resonance idea in response to Mourre’s Inequality
Laura Cattaneo, Gian Michele Graf and Walter Hunziker

Incompressible Representations of the Birman-Wenzl-Murakami Algebra
Vincent Pasquier

Long Time movement of NLS Solitary Waves in a Confining Potential
B. Lars G. Jonsson, Jürg Fröhlich, Stephen Gustafson and Israel Michael Sigal

Stability of Atoms within the Brown–Ravenhall Model
Sergey Morozov and Semjon Vugalter

Clustering of Eigenvalues on Translation Surfaces
Luc Hillairet

Circular Symmetry of Pinwheel Diffraction
Robert V. Moody, Derek Postnikoff and Nicolae Strungaru

Supersymmetric Dirichlet Operators, Spectral Gaps, and Correlations
Oliver Matte

Multi-dimensional Schrödinger Operators with out damaging Spectrum
Oleg Safronov

Topological components Derived from Bohmian Mechanics
Detlef Dürr, Sheldon Goldstein, James Taylor, Roderich Tumulka and Nino Zanghì

Fermi Liquid habit within the 2nd Hubbard version at Low Temperatures
G. Benfatto, A. Giuliani and V. Mastropietro

Asymptotics for the Low-Lying Eigenstates of the Schrödinger Operator with Magnetic box close to Corners
Virginie Bonnaillie-Noël and Monique Dauge

Spectral Convergence of Quasi-One-Dimensional Spaces
Olaf Post

Positive Energy-Momentum Theorem for AdS-Asymptotically Hyperbolic Manifolds
Daniel Maerten

Spacetime Causality within the learn of the Hankel Transform
Jean-François Burnol

Instabilité Spectrale Semiclassique d’Opérateurs Non-Autoadjoints II
Mildred Hager

The AC Stark influence, Time-Dependent Born–Oppenheimer Approximation, and Franck–Condon Factors
George A. Hagedorn, Vidian Rousse and Steven W. Jilcott

Upper Bounds at the fee of Quantum Ergodicity
Roman Schubert

Fractional Hamiltonian Monodromy
Nikolaií N. Nekhoroshev, Dmitrií A. Sadovskií and Boris I. Zhilinskií

Editorial: in Memoriam Daniel Arnaudon
Luc Frappat, Petr Kulish, Eric Ragoucy, Vincent Rivasseau and Paul Sorba

Spectrum and Bethe Ansatz Equations for the Uq(gl(N)) Closed and Open Spin Chains in any Representation
Daniel Arnaudon, N. Crampé, Anastasia Doikou, Luc Frappat and Eric Ragoucy

On the R-Matrix consciousness of Yangians and their Representations
Daniel Arnaudon, Alexander Molev and Eric Ragoucy

Sugawara and Vertex Operator buildings for Deformed Virasoro Algebras
Daniel Arnaudon, Jean Avan, Luc Frappat, Eric Ragoucy and Junichi Shiraishi

Exotic Bialgebra S03: Representations, Baxterisation and Applications
Daniel Arnaudon, Amithaba Chakrabarti, Vladimir ok. Dobrev and Stephen G. Mihov

Bosonization and Vertex Algebras with Defects
M. Mintchev and P. Sorba

Algebraic illustration of Correlation services in Integrable Spin Chains
H. Boos, M. Jimbo, T. Miwa, F. Smirnov and Y. Takeyama

Boundary strength of the Open XXZ Chain from New detailed Solutions
Rajan Murgan, Rafael I. Nepomechie and Chi Shi

The Elliptic Scattering thought of the 1/2-XYZ and better Order Deformed Virasoro Algebras
Davide Fioravanti and Marco Rossi

Classification of the suggestions of continuous Rational Semi-Dynamical mirrored image Equations
Jean Avan and Geneviève Rollet

The Schrödinger-Virasoro Lie team and Algebra: illustration thought and Cohomological Study
Claude Roger and Jérémie Unterberger

The Six-Vertex version at Roots of solidarity and a few maximum Weight Representations of the sl2 Loop Algebra
Tetsuo Deguchi

Weight functionality and Nested Bethe Ansatz
Stanislav Pakuliak

Fusion of Baxter’s Elliptic R-Matrix and the Vertex-Face Correspondence
Hitoshi Konno

Non-Commutative Ricci and Calabi Flows
A. Zuevsky

Mean-Field conception for Heisenberg Zigzag Ladder: flooring country strength and Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
Vagharsh V. Mkhitaryan and Tigran A. Sedrakyan

The Two-Site Bose–Hubbard Model
Jon hyperlinks, Angela Foerster, Arlei Prestes Tonel and Gilberto Santos

Propagators for Noncommutative box Theories
Razvan Gurau, Vincent Rivasseau and Fabien Vignes-Tourneret

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26] Edgardo Stockmeyer, Electrones Relativistas en un Contexto de la Estabilidad de la Materia, PhD thesis, Facultad de F´ısica de la Pontificia Universidad Cat´olica de Chile, Santiago, Chile, May 2002. [27] J. Sucher, Foundations of the relativistic theory of many-electron atoms, Phys. Rev. A 22 (2), 348–362 (1980). [28] C. Tix, Lower bound for the ground state energy of the no-pair Hamiltonian, Phys. Lett. B 405 (3–4), 293–296 (1997). [29] C. Tix, Self-adjointness and spectral properties of a pseudo-relativistic Hamiltonian due to Brown and Ravenhall, Preprint, mp-arc: 97–441, 1997.

3). 1. Then the following strong limit exists s − lim W (t, s) = V (t, s) λ→0 uniformly for t, s in compact intervals. 23) Vol. 7, 2006 Partially Classical Limit of the Nelson Model 41 Proof. Let I be a compact interval and let t, s ∈ I. 4. Let σ > σ0 and Ψ ∈ D(H0 ). 1. 25) with CI uniform in σ > σ0 and in λ, |λ| ≤ λ0 . 26) with CI uniform in λ, |λ| ≤ λ0 and in σ > σ0 . 2, part 2, we obtain (Z(t, s) − V (t, s)) Ψ ≤ CI λ1/2 (1 + H0 )1/2 Ψ . 27) From the identity W (t, s) − V (t, s) = Q Z(t, s)Q∗ − V (t, s) = (Q − 1)Z(t, s) + Q Z(t, s)(Q∗ − 1) + Z(t, s) − V (t, s) 42 J.

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