Animal Tracks: A Falcon Field Guide by Todd Telander

By Todd Telander

Animal Tracks highlights eighty-eight of the most typical and sought-after mammal, poultry, reptile, and amphibian species in North the US. unique illustrations and outlines make it effortless to spot animal tracks within the yard and past. every one species is observed by means of an in depth directory of its well-liked attributes and representation of its song. this can be the basic resource within the box.

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The metacarpal pads are fused and lobed into a somewhat trapezoidal shape, with two lobes on the leading edge and three on the trailing edge. The front track is wider than the rear, and the toes on cats splay easily, making the track appear even wider. Similar to the mountain lion tracks but much smaller. indd 47 3/23/12 1:12 PM MAMMALS Canada Lynx, Lynx canadensis Family Felidae (cats) Size/Weight: approx. body 34” long, tail 4” long; approx. 20 lbs. Range: Scattered regions of the northwest and Rocky Mountains Habitat: Mountainous forests The Canada lynx is slightly larger than the bobcat and with a more northerly and limited range in the United States.

The metacarpal pads are partly fused and lobed, and the front foot may also show two round proximal pads. The rear foot has more distinct, unfused metacarpal pads and a long heel that sometimes leaves an impression. Tracks of all voles are among the smallest in our region. indd 26 3/23/12 1:12 PM MAMMALS Coyote, Canis latrans Family Canidae (Coyotes, Wolves, Foxes) Size/Weight: body approx. 3’ long without tail; approx. 35 lbs. Range: Throughout the United States Habitat: Open country, scrub, grasslands The coyote is an intelligent and adaptable canid that has been able to survive in a wide variety of habitats and through persecution by humans.

Range: Most of the United States except for western and southwestern states Habitat: Areas near streams and lakes The mink is an elongate, short-legged mustelid with a long tail, webbed feet, and a semi-aquatic lifestyle. Its luxurious pelt is dark, blackish-brown, sometimes has a whitish area around the mouth, and may have pale spotting on the underside. Minks are mostly nocturnal and solitary, are excellent swimmers, and never stray too far from a water source. They are carnivores, eating aquatic animals and invertebrates, but will also take birds, eggs, and rabbits.

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