Ancient Rhetoric and Oratory (Blackwell Introductions to the by Thomas Habinek

By Thomas Habinek

This e-book introduces readers to the traditional rhetorical culture by means of investigating key questions on the origins, nature and value of rhetoric. Explores the position of the orator, particularly the 2 maximum figures of the culture, Demosthenes and Cicero Investigates where of rhetoric on the middle of historic schooling Considers the function of rhetoric because the finish of antiquity. contains a word list of right names and technical phrases; a chronological desk of political occasions, authors, orators, and rhetorical works; and recommendations for additional interpreting.

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And so Demosthenes, like Pericles before him, will end up examining the particularities of Athenian experience and using them to develop and advance an argument for a given course of action. Demosthenes’ ability to articulate Athens’ needs and interests paradoxically emerges, in the same passage, from the experience of Athenian rhetoric. For in describing the prior Athenian speakers as being indistinguishable from the Megalopolitans and Spartans whose interests they represent, Demosthenes alludes to an obvious outcome of rhetorical training (and one that has perennially troubled its opponents), namely, the ability to speak with conviction on either side of an issue.

And what would it mean for the state to punish Milo for killing, with malice aforethought or not, a man who threatened the well-being of the state? The surviving speech of Cicero is not the one he delivered: so tumultuous was the audience at the trial, that despite the presence of Pompey’s soldiers to keep order, Cicero reined in his rhetoric – and Milo was convicted. For some reason, Cicero thought it important to get the revised version circulating among Roman readers (including, we are told, Milo himself, in exile in Massilium).

Indeed, the impersonation of Appius may not be aimed at Clodia at all, as much as at the jury, which would have consisted chiefly of representatives of families that did not have the ius imaginum, or right to keep and display death masks; in other words, men who may have felt a certain weariness or resentment at the constant reminders of the social superiority of the Clodii and their Claudian ancestors. But another instance of calling forth the dead, again involving the Claudian gens or clan, has a more troubling feeling about it.

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