Ancient evil by J H Brennan

By J H Brennan

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He may call for the guardian police at 107, fight the thief at 137 or simply take back his property and return to the map to select a new destination. 134 Brusquely, Fire*Wolf brushed past her and plunged his hand into the water of the well. He had a brief 138-140 135-137 impression of a fragment of black stone before pain erupted like a fountain ... . carrying him directly to 13. 135 There was no one else in the shop and the armourer himself had not been close enough to take the purse. Who knew where he might have lost it - except that Fire*Wolf was convinced this was no accidental loss, but theft.

He rested a moment and was about to try again when the door burst open abruptly under the onslaught of three angry guards. Who are not at all happy about our hero's attempt to escape. The stats of each guard are: STRENGTH SPEED STAMINA COURAGE SKILL LUCK CHARM ATTRACTION LIFE POINTS 50 48 48 40 20 30 16 20 272 Each is armed with a +10 sword and is quite determined to put paid to Fire* Wolf before he does any more damage to that door. If Fire*Wolf survives the attack, go to 105. If not, turn to 13.

Better return to the map and pick a fresh destination. 76 It was fruitless. With all his Wilderness skills, Fire*Wolf was unable to get closer than five feet to the little creatures. At length, in desperation, he launched himself upon one - and both vanished utterly in a sparkle of blue light. Which leaves him only with the choice of a path west to 90, north to 86, north-east to 94 or south-west to 70. 77 The area was, he discovered, composed of small cottages. And while he took at least a little time to chat with the residents, he learned nothing of interest.

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