An Introduction to Integration and Measure Theory by Ole A. Nielsen

By Ole A. Nielsen

This booklet describes integration and degree thought for readers drawn to research, engineering, and economics. It supplies a scientific account of Riemann-Stieltjes integration and deduces the Lebesgue-Stieltjes degree from the Lebesgue-Stieltjes critical.

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It is clear that co(/;x,r) < co(/;x,s) if 0 < r ^ s and hence that co (/;x ) = lim „_oQCo(/;x,r„) for any sequence (r„) of positive numbers such that lim„^oor„ = 0. 2). 2 A bounded function f defined on an interval is continous at a point X in its domain if and only if co{f;x) = 0. 3 I f f is a bounded function whose domain is a closed interval I then {x e I: co{f;x) ^ r} is a closed set for each positive number r. 2 N U LL S E T S Suppose that wis a nondecreasing function defined on the real line U.

1} Properties of Riemann-Stieltjes Integrals 27 and S{f, u;P) = a inf{/(x): ^ x < c} + (1 - a) inf{/(x): c ^ x ^ x^^ i } ^ a(/(c) - 8/3) + (1 - a)(/(c) - 8/3), and therefore S {f,u ;P )-S { f,u ;P )< 8 . 4 imply that / eJ^{u;a,b) and that ¡ lfd u = f (c) and that, moreover, given an г > 0, there is a <5> 0 such that if P is any partition of [0,1] with mesh(P) < <5, then S{f, P) — S{f, P)< e and \^ lfd u — S \< e for any Riemann-Stieltjes sum of / with respect to u and P. 8 that every function in ^{u; a, b) is continuous at c.

Now, by hypothesis, there is an r > 0 such that co(/;x,r)< e, and then, in turn, there will be an integer m such that both x^ and y^ belong to (x —r, x + r), and hence such that If i x j - f i y j l < co(/; X,r) < e. But this is a contradiction. 8 Suppose that / is a bounded function and u a nondec­ reasing continuous function on an interval [a, b]. The theorem is true if u{b) = u(a) because in this case every bounded function on [a, b] belongs to ^{u; a, b) and every subset of [a, b] is w-null.

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