All about Silurian Period and Events by Omar Zamora

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Geological formation Lithology Primary sandstone conglomerate, shale, Other mudstone, siltstone, limestone Location Country United Kingdom Extent 700 km Type The Old Red Sandstone is a British rock formation of considerable importance to early paleontology. For convenience the short version of the term, 'ORS' is often used in literature on the subject. Hutton's angular unconformity at Siccar Point where 345 million year old Devonian Old Red Sandstone overlies 425 million year old Silurian greywacke.

In the Early Paleozoic the majority of all continental landmass was united in the paleocontinent of Gondwana (containing the crust of future Africa, South America, southern Eurasia, Australia and Antarctica), which lay centered around the South Pole. Between 650 and 550 million years ago (in the Ediacaran period) the smaller continents of Laurentia (containing the future northeast section of North America), Baltica and Siberia had separated from Gondwana to move northward towards the equator. In the process, the Iapetus Ocean between Gondwana, Baltica and Laurentia opened.

The Rhenohercynian basin, a back-arc basin, formed at the southern margin of Euramerica just after the Caledonian orogeny. According to these authors, a small rim from Euramerica rifted off when this basin formed. The basin closed when these Caledonian deformed terranes were accreted again to Laurussia during the Hercynian orogeny. Chapter- 5 Old Red Sandstone Formation Old Red Sandstone Stratigraphic range: Late Silurian to earliest Carboniferous Cross-section showing quartz and chert pebbles in a sample from central England (scale bar is 10 mm).

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