Admiralty and Maritime Laws in the Mediterranean Sea (ca. by Hassan Salih Khalilieh

By Hassan Salih Khalilieh

This can be a comparative research facing the maritime practices which prevailed within the Byzantine and Islamic worlds round the Mediterranean from 7-10 centuries C.E. and includes seven chapters. the 1st bankruptcy describes the actual and felony importance of the send, computation of skill, and the significance of naming advertisement vessels. bankruptcy examines problems with possession and ownership of a vessel, the employment stipulations of the workforce, and the passengers’ prestige on board send. Carriage of shipment by means of sea and types of contracts, legal responsibility of the lessor, delivery charges, and breach of agreement are lined in bankruptcy 3. Jettison, general, and contribution are handled in bankruptcy 4. bankruptcy 5 treats the legislation of collision and the principles governing the salvage of jetsam, are surveyed in bankruptcy Six. the ultimate bankruptcy explains the felony changes among Byzantine and Islamic mercantile legislations and descriptions the foundations of the ocean mortgage, chreokoinonia, and qirad.

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The N. N. consists of three parts. 46 Part Two provides a sort of table that lists the articles for Part Three and contains clauses of a general nature, elementary axioms and postulates. It consists of 41 Freshfield, Manual of Later Roman Law, 56–68; Huvelin, Histoire du droit commercial romain, 185; Gormley, “Development of the Rhodian-Roman Maritime Law,” 329; Archibald Lewis, “Periods in the History of the Roman Empire,” in The Sea and Medieval Civilizations (London: Variorum Prints, 1978), XIII:12.

Relate to jettison and contribution. Overall, it is a comprehensive collection consisting of the basic admiralty law, which regulated carriage by sea, commercial maritime transactions, and personal behavior of seamen and passengers in the Christian Mediterranean for a few centuries. The Mediterranean between the Domination of Byzantium and of Islam For many centuries, the countries of the Mediterranean basin were an integral part of the Roman Empire. The political map had undergone several changes by the first quarter of the seventh century, however, when the Persians captured the eastern territories of Byzantium.

The Aphrodito papyri shed light on (a) the construction, repair, and maintenance of ships; (b) disposition of the arsenals, fleets, and admiralty headquarters; and (c) recruitment of fighting men and seamen, their wages and allowances. 59 Mu˙ammad Ibn Mankalì, Al-Adilla al-Rasmiyya fì al-Ta'àbì al-Óarbiyya, ed. Ma˙mùd Sh. Kha††àb (Baghdàd: Al-Majma' al-'Ilmì al-'Iràqì, 1988), 241–254. 60 On pre-Islamic Jewish maritime law and practice consult: Stephen M. Passamaneck, “Two Aspects of Rabbinical Maritime Law,” The Journal of Jewish Studies 22 (1971), 53–67; idem, “Traces of Rabbinical Maritime Law and Custom,” Revue d’Histoire du Droit 34 (1966), 525–551; Raphael Patai, “Ancient Jewish Seafaring and Riverfaring Laws,” in By Study and also by Faith: Essays in Honor of Hugh W.

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