Administrative Medical Assisting by Fordney M.T., Follis J.J.

By Fordney M.T., Follis J.J.

Administrative scientific helping, 4E is the main complete hands-on textual content and workbook studying package deal on hand for scientific workplace management scholars. This revision incorporates a new bankruptcy on conventional and controlled care settings, plus controlled care subject matters built-in all through the place acceptable, equivalent to controlled care contracts, implications of controlled care contracts on monetary points of practices, referrals, and assortment ideas in a controlled care surroundings. Accompanying the textual content is a unfastened home windows< studyguide application along with greater than 1,000 actions and alertness workouts particular to the management of todayÆs dynamic scientific place of work surroundings. a brand new 2-column layout and lots of extra pictures and figures were additional to aid and workbook options.

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Her insurance company calls asking for information regarding the bill and asks for the biopsy report. You give the requested information and then find that the patient never signed a release form. She has a valid case for invasion of privacy. Defamation of Character Making malicious or false statements about a person’s character or reputation is defamation of character. Libel refers to written statements and slander refers to oral statements. For example, a patient asks for a referral to another physician.

Standards of care are written by various professional agencies to clarify what the reasonable and prudent physician or health care worker would do in a given situation. For example, a patient comes to an orthopedist’s office after falling from a horse and complains of arm pain. The standard of care for orthopedists would require an x-ray of the injured extremity after trauma. Standards of care vary with the level of the professional. A registered nurse is not held to the same standards of care as a physician, nor is the medical assistant expected to perform by the same standards as the registered nurse.

Nominal. Minimal injuries or damages occurred and compensation is small. 2. Actual (compensatory). Money is awarded for the injury, disability, mental suffering, loss of income, or the anticipated future earning loss. This payment is moderate to significant. 3. Punitive. Money is awarded to punish the practitioner for reckless or malicious wrongdoing. Punitive damages are the most costly. (Note: A physician may have committed a medical error, but if the patient suffered no injuries or damages, he or she cannot win the suit.

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