A Parent's Guide to Examinations. From Primary School to by Robert Maxwell, F. H. Pedley

By Robert Maxwell, F. H. Pedley

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How thick are they? 3. The figure shows three triangles which are to be folded up to form a corner of a box, OB' being joined to OB. , and O C = 4 ins. All the angles at O are Β right angles. By accurate drawing of carefully lettered figures, find the angles of the triangle ABC when folded up. 37 2A 0 Β PARENT S GUIDE TO EXAMINATIONS 4. Suppose 1 din is a unit of noise. The noise generated when η boys are having a party is d dins, where d is given by the formula d = an -\- hn^, a and h being fixed numbers.

THE ELEVEN-PLUS EXAMINATION the opposite of the word in capitals and put a ring round the word that means the same. PRAISE sing extol help blame delight 4. Underline the word which completes the sentence. Right is to wrong as happy is to (gay, cry, sad, foolish, bad). 5. These words can be divided in four pairs of words that have some connection with each other. Write out the pairs. Cat, apple, shoe, coal, pips, lace, fire, whiskers 6. Write the letter that occurs twice in the word Alphabet 7. If the letters in the word TIGER were arranged in alpha­ betical order which letter would come in the middle ?

Last year a man had an income of £\^00 and paid out 20% of this in tax. This year he has a rise of ;^300 but will pay out 28% in tax. How much better off will he actually be, and by what percentage of his original net income ? e. of what he had left after paying tax). 6. In the figure, ABCD is a rectangle and DEF is a straight line. Name two triangles similar to BEF. If BE = ^EG, prove that BF = ^AB and that the area of the triangle BEF is of the area of the rectangle. 7. We know that 152 = 225 = 1 X 200 + 25 252 = 625 = 2 X 300 + 25 352 = 1225 = 3 X 400 + 25 Write down a general formula and prove it.

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