A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens: Best Breeds, Creating a by Melissa Caughey

By Melissa Caughey

Chickens make extraordinary pets, and Melissa Caughey (author of the award-winning weblog Tilly's Nest) offers all of the info youngsters have to increase fit chickens and feature a whole bunch enjoyable doing it! Caughey stocks her recommendation in a fascinating approach in order that teenagers comprehend what it capability to maintain chickens and what sort of housing, nutrients, gear, and care the chickens might want to thrive. She additionally indicates plenty of artistic actions bound to spark enthusiasm and mind's eye, akin to talking fowl, making a veggie piñata for the flock, and creating a chook fortress within the yard. She even deals ten egg-centric recipes that youngsters will like to make and devour, together with egg drop soup and Mexican egg pizza.

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Typically, chicken coops have a floor with four walls and a roof. Some look like garden sheds or mini houses. The coop should be draft-free while having good ventilation. Ventilation is usually provided by a window or vent near the top of the coop. A window that opens and closes is a good idea. The window offers light to stimulate egg production and provides ventilation on warm summer days. The coop and run should have places for a feeder and a waterer, as well as small hanging dishes for oyster shells and grit.

Until you are home. It is important to know that sometimes chicks perish during transit. If you discover a dead chick, inform the hatchery once you’ve introduced the rest of your chicks to your brooder. indd 26 12/29/14 3:43 PM Hatching your own eggs is a great experience. It is amazing to watch a chick emerge from its egg, then watch her grow and develop. The process is relatively simple: You need some can rely on an incubator to simulate a mother hen. Be prepared for disappointment, though — not all fertilized eggs It’s amazing to think that a fertilized embryo develops from a tiny speck into a baby chick in just 21 days.

Discuss with your parents the best way for your family to start on your great chicken adventure. A straight run means that the chicks haven’t been separated by gender, so there will be females and males in the group. A sexed run means that the chicks are either all pullets (young hens) or cockerels (young roosters). BUYING CHICKS FROM A FEED STORE The easiest way to start out keeping chickens is with a visit to your local farm supply or feed store. Ideally, the store will have a few breeds to choose from, but typically you won’t have as many options as you would from a hatchery.

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