9/11/2001. Attack on New York City by Wilborn R. Hampton

By Wilborn R. Hampton

A blind guy and his puppy suffering to flee from the burning North Tower, a firm of firefighters risking their lives, a standard citizen became rescue employee — everyone persisted a private nightmare, and every contains a separate reminiscence. via interviews and bills of survivors, heroes, and terrorists, in addition to his personal tale, pro reporter Wilborn Hampton creates an intimate portrait of lifestyles and loss, and gives a deeper figuring out of that tragic day.

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There was a quavery tension in her voice. “Sure,” I replied, a little cautiously, still thinking that something must be wrong in California for her to be calling so early. ” she persisted. “She’s fine,” I assured her. “She’s already gone to work. We’re both okay. ” “Oh,” she said, realization coming to her. “You don’t know what’s happened. Two planes have crashed into the World Trade Center. ” It was a moment before I took in what Jennifer had just said. I couldn’t quite picture in my mind what she was describing.

The mayor then walked toward West Street, where the fire department had a temporary command post. When they turned the corner at West Street, Giuliani stopped and looked up at the giant skyscrapers. It was the first time he had a clear view of the buildings. All he could see was smoke and flames pouring out of the upper floors. Then, as he was gazing up, he saw a man jump from one of the blown-open windows at about the 100th floor of the North Tower. Transfixed, Giuliani watched the man all the way down, then involuntarily put his hand to his mouth and turned his eyes away.

Almost no one was talking. And those who were spoke in low, hushed tones. It was as if everybody were in church. At one point, Jim overheard a man tell someone, “They’re gone. ” He did not have to ask what was gone. Jim realized that both towers had fallen. He and Billie kept walking south. He had only one purpose at this point. All he wanted to do was get his children home. When they finally reached Beth’s school, it was nearly noon, three hours since the attack. For Beth, it had been the most harrowing three hours of her life.

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