Dinosaur Detectives (DK Readers) by Peter Chrisp

By Peter Chrisp

This advent to paleontology weaves jointly evidence approximately fossil looking with fictionalized first-person money owed from dinosaur detectives.

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They can then work out how long the decay has been going on and so when the rock was formed. Radioactive decay is like a clock, ticking away inside the EarthÕs rocks. Using this clock, scientists were able to date the rocks holding the dinosaur fossils. This told them when the dinosaurs had lived. W Cretaceous (144Ð65 million years ago) This was the age of the horned dinosaurs, such as this Protoceratops. Elements Elements are the basic substances, such as carbon and iron, that all things are made of.

It was not until the 1960s that he was proved right. 36 In Berlin, I showed my Brachiosaurus skull to some of our geologists. ÒThis is an American dinosaur,Ó I explained. ÒHow did it end up in Africa? Ó Most of them were puzzled. But a young man called Alfred Wegener said, ÒItÕs not a mystery at all. Ó Wegener pulled out a world map. ÒLook at the coastlines of Africa and South America. e Drifting continents We now know that the EarthÕs surface is made up of several enormous plates floating on top of molten rock.

Africa and America are separated by the wide Atlantic Ocean. How did these lumbering beasts get from one continent to the other? Brachiosaurus JanenschÕs Brachiosaurus is now on display in Berlin. 5 meters) long, it is the worldÕs largest complete dinosaur skeleton. Ó He believed that it had split into pieces. The pieces slowly drifted apart to form the continents that we know today. Wild theory At the time, few scientists took WegenerÕs theory of Òcontinental driftÓ seriously. It was not until the 1960s that he was proved right.

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