Detection of pump degradation by R H Greene; U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Office of

By R H Greene; U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research. Division of Engineering Technology.; Oak Ridge National Laboratory.; et al

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Iron pyrites can be used to produce sparks for firelighting by striking them, with a flint. Flint tends to be brittle and unwilling to give Fire from Sparks The tinder box with flint and steel were the common firelighting tools until very recently. Flint and steel strike alights. Simple and effective, sparks struck from steel or iron pyrites can be used to set tinder smouldering. 49 sparks, but if struck a sort of sawing blow with the edge of a hand axe (see Chapter Fourteen) small amounts of yellow-orange sparks are produced which will set carefully prepared tinder a glow.

Whatever the design always spend a few moments tidying the shelter up as you build, the more it looks like a home the better you will feel about it. If at the end of your stay in a backwoods shelter you feel sorry to leave it you have succeeded. The Brush Hut: This is one of the most often described backwoods shelters. It is constructed around a skeleton which comprises two A frames linked by a ridge pole. As a shelter it is fine and has found favour among a number of native tribes. But it is slow to build, cold, drafty and difficult to Bent Sapling Shelters In some cases you may find young saplings more abundant than dead branches for building materials.

On the other hand if you fail to light the fire it can have the opposite effect on your morale and in the process of trying you may unnecessarily expose yourself to the elements thereby worsening your condition. In such circumstances it should not be an automatic response to light a fire. Consider these factors first: are you capable of lighting a fire in the present conditions? Could you find nearby shelter and wait for more favourable fire lighting weather? Remain adaptable. If you decide to try and start a fire but find that you are having difficulties don't be too proud to stop and start again from scratch or simply to wait for better conditions.

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