Bijoux en cristal: Tissage de perles by Marie Le Sueur

By Marie Le Sueur

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By changing the other elements, you can obtain a variety of transforms, including translation, scale, rotation, and skew. ScaleTransform Class In the previous section, we discussed how to perform transforms on UIElement or FrameworkElement objects by manipulating transform matrix values directly. However, WPF also provides several Transform classes that allow you to transform an object without knowing how the underlying matrix structure is configured. For example, the ScaleTransform class enables you to scale an object by setting its ScaleX and ScaleY properties instead of manipulating a transform matrix directly.

CHAPTER 1 ■ OVERVIEW OF WPF PROGRAMMING Code-Only Example As mentioned previously, XAML is not necessary for creating WPF applications. WPF fully supports code-only implementation, although the use of this approach is less common. There are pros and cons with the code-only approach. An advantage of the code-only method is that it gives you full control over customization. For example, when you want to conditionally add or substitute controls depending on the user’s input, you can easily implement condition logic in code.

Let’s illustrate the basic matrix transforms (translation, scaling, rotation, and skew) in WPF through an example. Add a new WPF Window to the project Transformation2D and name it MatrixTransforms. com/winfx/2006/xaml" Title="Matrix Transforms" Height="450" Width="270"> 25 CHAPTER 2 ■ 2D TRANSFORMATIONS This markup creates the layout for displaying results using TextBlocks, which are embedded into a StackPanel control.

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