Battletroops: A Game of Urban Man-to-Man Combat in the by FASA Corporation

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In the United States the relative decline of the skilled blue-collar work force combined with falling real incomes of large fractions of the middle class has prompted a flurry of concern (Ehrenreich, 1986; Wessel, 1986). Canadian analysts have also expressed concern about such tendencies, particularly with respect to white-collar jobs undergoing transformations associated with the introduction of new technology (Bradbury, 1985, p. 41; Payeur, 1985). Both of these processes have been linked to the growing numbers of tertiary sector jobs.

With respect to the inner city as a whole, these findings are consistent with the theoretical propositions and research on global cities presented earlier. All the same, the empirical analysis presented here cannot make a direct causal link between trends regarding the residence of managers, professionals, and non-specialized white-collar and service workers and trends in the restructuring of employment along global city or regional control centre lines. 8 Feminization in the Inner City In order to appreciate more fully the social significance of these trends, we also need to examine shifts in gender composition within this increasingly bifurcated work force.

31). The effects of bipolarization may thus vary greatly between localities (Harrison, 1982), depending on the pre-existing configurations and characteristics of labour pools, which will influence the types of employment restructuring carried out (Massey, 1984). To this aspect of bipolarization, linked to the importance of technological change to cheapen the costs of producing goods and information, should be added two other aspects. The growth of service sector jobs in food services and personal and recreation services, and the fact that these sectors make up an increasing proportion of the total labour force, itself increases bifurcation of the work force.

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